Welcome to Rainbow Falls - Beyond the Box

Greetings and congratulations on finding Rainbow Falls - Beyond the Box!

I am pretty sure that those who were directed her from Rainbow Falls MD on SC4D and the 1st time visitors are wondering, what this site is for. There is no easy answer to that but regardless that, let me say, that her majesty the Queen of Rainbow Falls decreed that the time is ripe to take Rainbow Falls out from the box in into the wide world. "Hurray for the Queen!" people were screaming on the streets of Rainbow Falls.

Why did the Queen decided to this so late, the press reporter asked. And her answer was : " Because, just now, Rainbow Falls, moved from the Recently Published to Best Sellers and that was a nudge for expansion."

And now, my friends, let me tell you what you shall be able to find here.
There shall be arcticles about inner-works of Rainbow Falls, featuring important occasions, Queens  majestic and less majestic doings, special bonus pictures from Rainbow Falls that you will be able to see only here as a bonus treat to those who like to visit Rainbow Falls the most, a slideshow or two and so on.

But there shall be even more to find here and things of more useful nature (hopefully) for you.
You shall be able to find download links directing you to the places from which you shall be able to download custom content made by Lilojame (bats, lots and prop packs) for you to use in your regions.

So again, let me bid you welcome again and express hopes, that you shall find browsing these pages a joyful experience.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Yours truly ,